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A business degree can open up numerous employment opportunities. In addition to giving you general business skills, it will allow you to study specialized areas including management, marketing, accounting and finance. This can get you off to a great start in a new career or expand your talents if you are already working in business.

Not everyone has the time or money to consider going to an expensive campus-based school to get this type of degree. A terrific alternative may be to get a business degree online. As you explore this option, be aware that there are pros and cons to online classes and education.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Business Program Online
Students interested in getting their business degree online often find that they Students taking a lecture classappreciate certain benefits of this type of education. Those benefits include:

• Lower cost
• Flexible class schedule
• Convenient location without any commuting
• Gain experience working in a structured online environment

Doing business in the modern world means knowing how to do business online. Online business schools today are already set up in the perfect format for teaching Internet business skills. This experience, combined with the lower cost and more flexible scheduling of an online education, can make getting a business degree online a highly sensible move.

Drawbacks of Getting a Business Degree Online
Before embarking on your educational path, though, you should be aware that there are certain drawbacks that might be associated with getting a degree online rather than through a traditional campus-based school. Those drawbacks include:

• Lack of face-to-face contact with teachers
• Difficulty of accessing networking and team building opportunities
• Less access to certain types of courses (such as public speaking)
• Missing out on the campus college experience

Business is all about working closely with other people. The lack of personal contact associated with online education limits this experience to some extent. Students who are self-directed and able to go out and find their own networking opportunities won't find this to be a problem. However, students who excel in the close quarters of a classroom may see this as a drawback of the online education.

Accounting and Finance Degrees
Two major business specialty areas that are popular with online education students are accounting and finance. One reason is because these degrees generally require less face-to-face interaction with customers and clients than other types of business degrees. As a result, the major drawbacks of the online business degree don't apply for many of these students. Another reason is that these degrees are based highly on work that is done directly via computer so the online format of the classes makes sense.

Management and Marketing Degrees
Business degrees that may be better suited to a campus environment include management and marketing. The latter depends on whether the marketing efforts that interest you are primarily online or offline marketing tools. People interested in Public Relations and marketing may find a campus-based program more helpful. Management-minded students may also find this to be true. Although it's certainly possible to learn management skills online, it's tougher because you don't have the face-to-face experience to practice those skills in the classroom.

With degree programs leading to occupations where networking and teamwork play a significant role, a hybrid program — one combining campus and online classes — may be a way to get the best from both.


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